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Roblox Requests is an HTTP library for Roblox Lua.

With Requests you can send robust, human-readable HTTP requests without ever having to deal with the underlying HttpService. No more manually encoded query strings or POST data.


  • Sessions with Cookie Persistence & Default Headers
  • Automatic Query Strings
  • JSON Body Encoding, Response Decoding
  • HTML/XML Parsing with DOM, jQuery Selectors
  • Key/Value Cookies
  • Multipart File Encoding and Upload
  • Custom Per-Session Ratelimiting

The Roads plugin will help you create roads for your game faster than ever before.

Featuring a node-based editor that allows you to manipulate lanes individually or in groups, as well as a line and materials editor allowing you to customize your roads to your needs.

The Road plugin uses simple parts when appropriate, but unlike any other plugin, is capable of smooth banking and transitioning between lane widths.

Originally created as the City Explorer game, this plugin allows you to import real world terrain and basic building shapes directly into studio.

With this plugin, you won't need to figure out how to get and import a heightmap. Just select an area using the link the plugin gives you.

You can also import basic geometries for buildings in most urban and some suburban areas. All 3D data © OpenStreetMap contributors.

Made with Lua (plugin) and Python/JS (web)

Convert text to Emoji in Lua.

Lua-emoji uses aliases common in chat clients like Discord to convert any text between :colons:

emoji(":thumbs_up:") -> 👍

Lua-emoji also supports skin tones! emoji() takes an optional second argument:

emoji(":thumbs_up:", emoji.MediumDark) -> 👍🏾

Available skin tones are Light, Dark, MediumLight, MediumDark, and Medium. Suffixes can also be added to individual emojis:

emoji(":thumbs_up_d: :thumbs_up_l:") -> 👍🏿 👍🏻

About Me

Hi! I'm Patrick.

I'm a self-taught programmer from Atlanta who loves to create. I work full-time in Metro Atlanta. In my free time I make plugins and tools for the Roblox platform.