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Roblox Requests

Roblox Requests is an HTTP library for Roblox Lua.

With Requests you can send robust, human-readable HTTP requests without ever having to deal with the underlying HttpService. No more manually encoded query strings or POST data.


  • Sessions with Cookie Persistence
  • Default Headers, URL prefixes
  • Automatic Query Strings
  • JSON Body Encoding, JSON Response Decoding
  • Elegant Key/Value Cookies
  • Multipart File Encoding and Upload
  • Global/Per-Session Ratelimiting

See the power of Roblox Requests:

local r = http.get(

print(r.status_code, r.message)
-- 200 OK

local repos = r:json()
-- 30

-- application/json
-- utf-8
-- 59

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Figa is a Python library that manages project configuration on multiple environments with ease. Read config data from common formats including environment variables and over HTTP through a simple, accessible config object.

Install with Pip:

$ pip install figa

Example Usage:

class Config:
    development = "~/config.yml"  # use YAML file for config when developing
    production = "env", "cfg_"  # use environment variables with cfg_ prefix in production

    def get_env(self):
        # function called to detect what environment being used

        if "ON_HEROKU" in figa.env:  # figa.env is shortcut for os.environ
            return "production"
            return "development"

>>> config = Config()  # if no environment is passed, get_env() will be called.

See the project's GitHub for more info.

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Color Guard

Color Guard is a Python library that allows you to easily create bit flags and use string manipulation on binary numbers.

See the project's GitHub for more info.


Roads Plugin

The Roads Plugin is designed to create roads for your game faster than ever before. Used by over 3,000 people.

This plugin features a versatile node-based editor, a customizable visual line editor, and fully customizable textures/materials.


City Explorer Demo - Open Source

City Explorer is a game that allows you to explore a 3D render of any city in the world in using tile map technology.

All data is sourced from OpenStreetMap.

city explorer demo screenshot

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